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Community Health Clinic: Researching Prescription for healthy communities

Type of submission
Workshop (or) Presentation
Haitham Shammaa, Amanda Bittaker
E-mail address
HaithamS (WMF)
Wikimedia Foundation

What are the characteristics of a healthy Wikimedia Community? What are communities doing to promote the welcoming and retention of new editors and contributors and support overall civility?

In this session...

We Review what we have learned from recent and past Wikimedia research on community health as well as discover what other organizations are doing to support robust online communities.

Be a part of a global think tank of your peers around diagnosing, prescribing and testing prescriptions including measurement of community health, volunteer recognition, improved interface and tools, social networking features, dispute resolution and decision, community roles and governance, policy changes, vision and goal setting. Volunteer to pilot an initiative in your community

Learn how to facilitate a Creative Problem Solving discussion that can help your community tackle challenges in community health through a facilitated think tank.

Length of presentation
75 min
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