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Data in your wiki!
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Katie Filbert
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aude [dot] wiki @ gmail
Wikimedia Deutschland

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Video recording on Commons at File:Data in Your Wiki!.webm

Wikidata is increasingly being used in Wikipedia, in many interesting ways through use of the Lua integration provided by Wikidata's Wikibase software.

In this presentation, some examples will be highlighted from English Wikipedia, as well as other language Wikipedia projects and sister projects. Some examples include infoboxes that use Wikidata (Infobox telescope, WikiProject US Roads, ...). Other types of templates that make use of Wikidata include the Authority Control template, and the WikidataCheck template, which is used to compare template parameters against data on Wikidata, for possible discrepencies and errors. It is now also possible create charts, using the Graph extension and data from Wikidata. (e.g. population charts for a city or country)

In addition to using data from a page's connected Wikidata item, arbitrary access is being rolled out to all Wikipedias (and sister projects) to allow using any item on any page. (e.g. the item about France on the article about Paris) How can this be used and what are its limitations?

Some questions that I will try to answer and discuss:

  • What possibilities are there in the future for better, easier use of Wikidata on Wikipedia?
  • What is the status of being able to query Wikidata and to automate lists on Wikipedia?
  • What the development team is working on to help improve monitoring of Wikidata changes and tools to help with improving quality of data in Wikidata?
  • Other questions you have about Wikidata?
Length of presentation
30 min
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