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Disputed Notability - A Hands-On Workshop
Kasey Baker and Frank Jones
Kayz911 and Frankcjones:
North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians:
Notability, what does it mean within Wikipedia? This is a subject that many of us have wrestled with far too often, yet we are left to our personal threshold for what we establish to be notable.

In our presentation, we will show you just how arbitrary this could be, by presenting a selection of Wikipedia articles, some have been accepted and some have been rejected for lacking notability. Decide for yourself if an article should be accepted or rejected, and then learn the fate of the article and what the community said about it. Together, let’s have a frank discussion whether or not notability standards are being applied fairly, or if we should take a real look into establishing some concrete notability guidelines.

Participants should come away with a keen understanding of this dilemma, how notability is currently defined, and some solutions to improve the standard.:

60 mins
Special schedule requests


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