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Laws in Wikipedia
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Kostis Krimizis
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Student at LL.M. Columbia School of Law
Law is essential for democracy, but still it is difficult to find the law. Only with expensive subscriptions to famous legal databases the lawyers and the citizens can actually find the existing law. This is a deficiency for our democracy, as it does not help people to have access to legal reality. Back to Greece, we tried to create a wikipedia for greek legislation and the results are already extremely encouraging. Young students have free access to all basic legislation articles and can follow the updates of the legislation by clicking on the newsletter. The project has reached its limits, as no more funding is currently available. The idea is so basic, that I still wonder why it is not reality. Cornell's legal institute was the inspiration to create Freelaw, which contains part of the American Jurisprudence. I strongly believe that Wikipedia should include a special section for law and special features, which will ensure, at least, basic access to worldwide legislation.
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