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OTRS Workshop for agents who handle permtssions
Type of submission
Stephen Philbrick (with co-presenter TBD)
E-mail address
This session will be an active workshop for OTRS agents, particularly those involved in the handling of permissions.

The main goal of the session will be a mutual sharing of best practices. Some of the subjects will include:

  • General process to handling a ticket
  • Use of canned responses within the system
  • Use of canned responses from external resources
  • Locations of additional resources:
    • FAQ
    • Cafe
    • Noticeboard
    • IRC
    • Email lists

The session will also cover the following two topics:

  • Suggestions for improvement to the software and/or general process
  • Ideas for keeping the backlog manageable

Please note that the session, at least with respect to any video recording, live or otherwise, needs to be exempted from the Terms of Participation. It is highly likely that participants will be discussing specific OTRS tickets, whose content is treated as confidential, and can only be shared with OTRS agents. This does not apply to the text of the proposal or presentation slides, which we will prepare in a way to exclude any confidential content.

Because we will the viewing confidential material, only OTRS agents can attend.

Length of presentation
60 minutes
Special schedule requests
Will you attend WikiConference USA if your submission is not accepted?
Likely, but uncertain

Interested attendees

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