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The Socially Driven Problem Solver
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Yevgeny Yakushev
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The Socially Driven Problem Solver may bring dynamics to Wikipedia. It will make Wikipedia not just a database of knowledge or educational place but a socially driven computer that generates solutions for problems, already solved or to be solved.

The Prover should provide means for collaborative solving of problems submitted by user. It should present means for problem formalization. Different types of logic should be available: formal, informal, modal, fuzzy, etc. Different types of logic presentation must be possible: symbolic, graph, text. Users can contribute according to their skills and interests to help solving the problems or sub-problems. By being subscribed, the user can automatically receive requests from the system if his or her skills match with a newly submitted sub-problem. By solving a sub-problem, the user can then participate in finding the solution to a larger problem. He can also see the derivation of solutions. The solution can be reused in different solutions. The system should discover the candidate solutions for reuse. There should be possibly multiple versions of solutions, if needed, for a single problem. The automated logic validator can check formal logic. The automated Prover should be able to deduct proof, if possible. The system should have a means for induction of hypothesis automatically, or by human assistance.

I see the society as driven not just by democracy but also by social intelligence. Individuals who may contribute the knowledge may have a larger impact on the society.

The system eventually should be a reference point for finding motivations for social, political, economic, and cultural decisions. If a government makes a decision, it will be eventually compared with the decision generated by the community. If the government's decision does not match the existing in the system derivation of the solution, then it will force the government to come up with more convincing solution.

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15-30 min.
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