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2016 Bridging the gap between anime and reality
Educational outreach
Academic Peer Review option
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Jalen Christerpher Hippert
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OneManArmy 21
My proposal is an ideological presentation that highlights to the anime community that the reality of obtaining that of what they observe in their anime series is reaching levels of realism. Through rigorous study I have placed anime under a broad scope an invested time through my own personal enthusiasm for anime to learn what I seek to divulge on a mainstream conference such as the Wikiconference. I will show common practices from different countries that have been proven effective at producing many qualities to that of many of the popularized animes in modern society. Along with that I will show how modern day advancement of transportational delivery systems have helped give an edge to those who means of travel are restricted, which most the common human population falls under this category. The overall goal of my presentation is to dawn a light on how anime being labeled as fiction or a fantasy has in fact become practical on many levels due to twenty first century technological advancements and practices. The presentation will feature components in the aspects of anime culinary, battle techniques and styles, weaponry, and ancient rituals. My presentation will be concluded with an overall reflection of the information I have provided to the audience an will look for any brief questions.
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30 minutes
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