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Animating the ASL Wikipedia for Deaf Education
Academic Peer Review option
Type of submission
Jason Nesmith, Deaf 3D-Artist, Animator and Graphics Artist, using American Sign Language
Interpreters voicing in English
E-mail address
Center for Sutton Movement Writing, Deaf Action Committee for SignWriting (DAC)
Translation of spoken languages is an important form of communication for everyone. It opens doors of communication between cultures. Now, with SignWriting, sign languages can be written, and this makes it possible to write translations between sign languages and spoken languages. Sign languages are different in every country and culture. The SignWriting Script, which writes body movement, can write all sign languages, and is used to write over 40 sign languages around the world. SignWriting makes it possible to write Wikipedias in any sign language, and the American Sign Language Wikipedia is an example of that. SignWriting came from DanceWriting. DanceWriting is a way to write body movement, using the full body stick figure, and that figure can be animated, which is very easy to understand by everyone. In the future, Wikipedias written in sign languages can also become more accessible because the SignWriting Script can be animated.

In this presentation, Jason Nesmith, a Deaf 3D artist and animator, will show how one of his own articles written in American Sign Language, "Star Wars", can actually start to move, and inspire its readers...You have to see this presentation to believe it! Jason will discuss his new technique for SignWriting animation using the first paragraph of the Star Wars page on the ASL Wikipedia to demonstrate.

Length of presentation
30 minutes
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