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Beginning of Cultural Change: Wikipedia’s Future Collaboration with Academic Libraries
Education and Academic Engagement
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Jon Cawthorne
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West Virginia University Libraries
After 15 years, Wikipedia is becoming a trusted, valued resource in higher education. With over 40 million articles and 15 billion page views a month, Wikipedia extends unprecedented information and knowledge access to every corner of the globe. In the next 15 years and beyond, how can academic and research libraries support the further advancement and growth of Wikipedia? As a research library dean who actively promotes and advocates for the use of Wikipedia and has hired a Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity, I plan to discuss the future of Wikipedia in academic libraries. In this presentation, I will discuss how I came to understand the value of Wikipedia in academic libraries, the process of hiring and advocating for a Wikipedian in Residence, the reasoning behind hesitancy about this process, and how librarians can advocate for the creation of these positions in their library systems to those in leadership positions. Throughout my presentation, I will stress the need for effective culture change within libraries, Wikipedia, and academia, that is necessary for Wikipedia initiatives to expand. I hope to impress upon those in the audience the viability and future of Wikipedia in libraries and college classrooms and the multitude of opportunities for Wikipedia and libraries to collaborate under the shared goal of free access to content.
Length of presentation
30 minutes
Special schedule requests
Can't present on Friday or Saturday morning due to travel arrangements. A Sunday presentation date would be best.
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25 - 40
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