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Beyond the Vanilla Citation: Advanced Citation Template Usage, and What Lies Ahead
Tech, Education, GLAM
Academic Peer Review option
Type of submission
Raymond Leonard
E-mail address
Cascadia Wikimedians User Group

You know the basics about using citation templates. Do you know how to use the extended set of parameters for the Citation Style 1 templates?

  • Establishing anchors for use with the template suite supporting shortened footnotes and parenthetical referencing
  • Using the OCLC parameter to link to nearby libraries through Worldcat, and what to do when there is more than one OCLC
  • What is the DOI and when should you use it

What lies beyond citation templates?

  • Using refill to expand bare URLs
  • Citations in Wikidata: If the French can do it, why can’t the English (speakers) do it?

Presentation slides

File:Beyond the basics of citation templates.pdf
Length of presentation
30 minutes
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25 - 40
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