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Every language in the world: Wikitongues
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Satdeep Gill
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Satdeep Gill
Punjabi Wikimedians
Wikitongues is a non-profit organization which aims to document all the languages of the world. The vision of Wikitongues "Every language in the world" perfectly fits in with the broader vision of Wikipedia: "Sum of all human knowledge". We have recorded videos of some of the very rare languages which have never been documented in the history as well. Some of these videos have been released under CC-by-SA 4.0 license and are being used in Wikipedia articles as well.

Some Wikipedia articles in which our videos have been used:

The presentation will focus on involving Wikimedians in documenting languages as well as in updating Wikipedia articles using the videos recorded by them and other volunteers. It will include some basic guidelines to record language videos and will also include clips of some languages documented by Wikitongues volunteers.

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15 minute presentation
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If I get a scholarship.

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