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Journalism and Wikipedia
Presentation or Workshop
Presentation or Workshop
Lynn Walsh
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Society of Professional Journalists -->
As a journalist[1], I know Wikipedia is a place I go routinely to being my research for a story. Talking to other journalists, I know I am not alone. So, the question is how can journalists and wiki editors and contributors work together? How can we help one another? I am the incoming president for SPJ and I see that there could be room for us to partner, hold trainings and/or even events together. Wiki editors and contributors work diligently to keep information updated and well-sourced, very similar in many ways to what journalists do. I would like to propose a discussion on how a partnership could start and at least open the communication. Also, SPJ is known for it Ethics Code[2]. It is a code used by journalists around the world to hold themselves accountable and help them make decisions about what they report on and how they report. I am also proposing a possible session on our Code of Ethics. This could be a review of what it is, what it means and examples of ethical decision making journalists make on a daily basis. Another proposal I am making is to talk about vetting sources. Journalists do this every day and it seems this is something wiki editors and contributors also have to think about. How can we better source these subjects. With the changing media and more and more websites popping up, how do we know which sources can be trusted? I and others at SPJ have some experience with this and would be glad to hold a training or workshop on the topic.
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