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Stone Artifacts and Visual Field Perception
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Wenceslao Garcia III
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I believe that prehistoric artifacts have primitive technological value. This primitive peoples craftsmanship shows they used and possessed a high degree of visualization to work the stones they created. They used them in rituals involving pre and post hunting. Scientific research and studies suggest that cultures of the past had many innovative technologies that they discovered and used. I venture to say some of these prehistoric designs of the past are specific ideology that would someday grow to accommodate the modern world we live in today. Studies worldwide on prehistoric technologies continue to fascinate us. Many researchers try to identify this creative data. They range from precision small hunting tools to precise creative devices that have cosmic alignment and specific faces marked on these stone tools. They also have compound images. There are also megalithic structures that our modern disciplines can only look at with envy. Many of these things cannot be replicated today. These artifacts are examples that show there was an epoch in time when many creative tools, and creative taught patterns were being generated by prehistoric man. According to modern studies, our visual cortex is specifically designed to register faces and body part. How is it that geometric structures are found in every culture on the planet? Could it be that our field of vision possess other processes? The answer is affirmative within our visual cortex. Many sub domains exist. Some of them are optical illusions, but they still make a statement to researchers and made sense to prehistoric man. They probably form an understandings to develop new knowledge. There are many ways to contradict the normal field of vision by optical illusions that test our perception of the real world. We can learn from things that dwell in the subconscious. We must never worry from one’s own registered vision of data being misaligned or perceived as misaligned or not practical for use in any given scenario. In the past many cultures summarized these creative designs from themselves to forget experiences. They came from the daily grind of their life. Their lives were harsh, however they create many impossible objects with specific knowledge. Some of these objects were designed to show balance in all aspects of life, other object demonstrated movement and still other objects generated ascending and descending sounds. I am sure that there are more horizons to research and discuss in more innovative ways and develop new programs to heighten our visual perception. By using the visual perception of prehistoric man, we can create modern tools and data processing equipment and explore data mining avenues in the future. From this understanding we can generate a positive outcome to these perspectives. With this point of view, we must look to the past to create the future.
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