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Outreach (also GLAM, STEM, and education)
Academic Peer Review option
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Cascadia Wikimedians User Group; presenting in this context as an individual grantee of the Wikimedia Foundation
Update about the goals and progress of the LearnWiki video series, which is funded by a grant from WMF. The series is intended to be modular and translatable, and suitable for use in classroom and GLAM+STEM environments as well as edit-a-thons. The series includes modules designed for GLAM+STEM professionals who want exposure for their institutions' content on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, education instructors and administrators, edit-a-thon leaders, students in Wikipedia Education Program environments, and participants in editathon and GLAM+STEM activities that will involve uploading or editing on Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons.
Length of presentation
30 minutes
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Friday or Monday might be preferable if more education and GLAM+STEM leaders will be present on those days.
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