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The Art of GLAM
Academic Peer Review option
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Susan Hyon Parker
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Carnegie Mellon Open Learning, Brooklyn Art Library
Historically the institution most revered as a center of excellence and knowledge is the Library System and its associated scholarly projects. Devising a cohesive environment that takes on an ecosystem approach to provide formal and in-formal learning, collaboration, while supporting artistic endeavors has been challenging for libraries. The influx of many formal education institutions that are available to one culture may not be available to another culture thus creating limitation to the use of the global resource of Wikipedia. As patrons and scholars are overwhelmed with information and knowledge – how can the bridge be constructed to close gaps with galleries and museums? How does authentic outreach effectuate to communities that is communal and inclusive? The Wikimedia Foundation is launching a new peer reviewed journal in March 2017. How can the higher education community funnel that research back to the GLAM community to make it holistic?

How can we better assist with data integrity for our users and patrons? How can we better communicate to our patrons? This workshop will provide a presentation of some use-case examples of effective GLAM collaboration and illustrate some ideas that were inspired from a small working group between workshop participants. A model idea project will be the takeaway item from the workshop. Follow-up discussion can be held as part of the unconference meetup.

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45 min Workshop
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