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The Future of Start Ups May Focus on Situation of the Long Term Unemployed
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Andi Boggs
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According to Wikipedia, I have found many statistics on U.S. population, as well as population under 18, and working age adult population. With this information I have figured out that there are more unemployed adults in the U.S. than employed by about 4,000 adults. Total U.S. population: 318.9 million. Population under age 18: 73.6 million. Adult population is thus 245.3 million. According to Wikipedia there were 120.4 million people in the U.S. employed full time in April 2015. That means that there were approximately 124.9 unemployed people which is larger than the employed population by over 4,000 people. This explains why there is such a rise in homelessness as well as drug use, drug overdose deaths in the U.S. today. I believe tech start ups of the future should be infused with compassion and mainly concern themselves with getting people with few to no skills, or who are long term unemployed, into some humane form of work, which solves problems. There could be leagues to check backyards to see that animal are not being kept in inhumane shelters - like an animal patrol. There can be a cafeteria for everyone to eat for free, so that people have the option of eating a meal with others versus starving. There can be a community garden run by these long term unemployed. There could be some type of bartering system brought back into existence that works as currency for people with no money. The first objective needs to be to have the organization go into the city and do a proper accounting to find out exactly how many long term unemployed there are and what there needs are. Considering the extravagant amount of waste that goes into other city programs, surely some frugal assets could be set aside by every city to initiate such a solution to the problem. The tech people, who are the competent and talented people, not the bureaucrats and they, the tech people should be the ones in charge of this endeavor, not the city as they city is way to incompetent and wasteful, they have never had the talent to carry out effective programs of this scale.
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