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Tracking the Triple Crown: Creating quality content


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Brenda Wahler

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Wikipedia users value the quality and stability of good and featured articles, but bringing articles to this status can be daunting. To demonstrate how quality article improvement can occur, this presentation will outline how a group of Wikipedia users created and improved a set of articles that resulted in featured articles (FA), good articles (GA), plus Did you know? (DYK) and In the News (ITN) appearances. Throughout, there was a need to maintain the integrity of several biographies of living persons (BLPs) and update content constantly, sometimes live.

The quest of racehorse American Pharoah for the American Triple Crown 2015, then finishing the year by completing horse racing's first-ever "grand slam" by winning the Breeders' Cup Classic in the fall presented a unique opportunity to write quality Wikipedia content while an event was unfolding. At the beginning, some articles were newly-created, others had existed for several years but required massive cleanup. A collegial and cooperative team that included regulars from WikiProject Horse racing and editors from outside the project worked together to develop several quality articles. Along the way, a deft hand was needed to maintain Wikipedia's standards on biographies of living persons (BLP) and handle controversies, such as those in the biography of the horse's "flamboyant and controversial" owner, Ahmed Zayat.

Attendees at this presentation will learn how quality articles on Wikipedia are developed, including FA-level verifiability, locating and citing reliable sources, formatting, citations, obtaining free-licensed images, and pulling together submissions for four different review processes (ITN, DYK, GA and FA).

See w:Wikipedia:Triple Crown for more details.

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30 min.

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