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Why Plagiarism Matters
Academic Peer Review option
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Jon Beasley-Murray
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University of British Columbia
Plagiarism is endemic to Wikipedia, which is one of the reasons why academics and educators are wary of encouraging students to use the encyclopedia. But plagiarism is also one of the most common faults that long-term editors find in student contributions to Wikipedia, which is why they, in turn, are wary of educational projects. The irony then is that one of the issues that drives Wikipedia and Education apart is also one of the issues that each "side" cares most about: Wikipedians and Educators alike try to take a stand against plagiarism, but see the other as the enemy in this fight. This presentation then is an invitation to think more about the issue, and how it can instead help bring together Wikipedia and Education, rather than drive them apart. It addresses Wikipedia's own, sometimes confused, definitions of and stance on copying text, which is too often confused with simple copyright violation. It also asks why (apparently) the temptation for students (but others, also) to plagiarize might be greater when they write on Wikipedia rather than elsewhere, which has much to do with the encyclopedia's sanctions against "original research." And the presentation concludes with some ideas about how better to think about plagiarism, and why it matters.
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20-30 minutes
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25 is fine
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