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Why WikiSalons are relevant and how to grow them
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Wayne Calhoon
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Wikimedia volunteer (editor)
Bay Area WikiSalon kickoff April, 2016 at WMF offices in downtown San Francisco
A WikiSalon is a gathering of people interested in wikis. A WikiSalon is distinct from an Edit-a-thon, a Wikidojo, and other wiki-related gatherings in that it emphasizes unstructured time for spontaneous collaboration and/or discussion, of an intermediate level of organization between a Meetup and a WikiCon. WikiSalons are run under the Wikimedia Friendly Place guidelines and provide an inclusive recurring time and place for new and veteran volunteers to connect, learn. It is meant to be unstructured cathartic chaos for the most part. Its roots are in the old time Salons.

I have experience with co-launching the newest North American WikiSalon, which is the Bay Area WikiSalon. In March, 2016 we held our planning meeting which was attended by 4 volunteer editors and by 4 WMF staffers. We set goals and strategies, and delegated duties. We had our kickoff in April of 2016 with 67 RSVPs (with 7 then sending regrets) and 28 at peak attendance. We are slowly developing strategies and documenting them to keep the snowball growing gracefully.

The last Wednesday evening of every month, wiki enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area gather to collaborate, mingle, and learn about new projects and ideas. Sometimes we plan a formal program, but not always. Some events will help orient those new to the wiki world, others will speak more to experienced wiki editors.

In this presentation I will share the tips and tricks we have been documenting onwiki. This wikilink is only what we have gathered so far. We will have much more onwiki before October 7. I will establish the relevancy of WikiSalons. I will share a checklist, lessons we have learned and other resources to successfully launch and maintain a WikiSalon. I will allow time for questions & answers.

I am hoping that the facilitators of the D.C., N.Y.C. and Cascadia WikiSalons and monthly meetups can participate in a panel discussion. Our main co-coordinators for Bay Area WikiSalon have been Ben Creasy, Pete Forsyth, Stephen LaPorte, Juliet Barbara, Janet Renteria and Robert Miller. Ben Creasy will join in the panel discussion.

The goal of this presentation or panel discussion will be to empower attendees to facilitate WikiSalons to blossom throughout North America and beyond. It will also be a learning experience for me to hear the questions and bring the answers back to our group of planners.

WikiSalons are an important method of monthly outreach.

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