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Wiki Loves Posting About Monuments: Using media to support community projects

advocacy & outreach

Academic Peer Review option
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Aubrie Johnson and Sam Lien
E-mail address;
SLien (WMF), AJohnson (WMF)
Wikimedia Foundation

Every member of the Wikimedia community is a storyteller. Come chat with two members of the Wikimedia Foundation Communications team, to learn more about how we tell stories about the movement with Wikipedia readers, community members, the press, and other public audiences.

We want this to be collaborative! Let’s talk about best practices we’ve learned, best practices you’ve learned, and how we can work together to tell audiences about our movement. We will discuss our collaboration with community members for Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 as one case study.

As a social media associate at the Wikimedia Foundation, Aubrie Johnson posts Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons content hundreds of times weekly to our verified social media accounts. This includes working with affiliates and individual Wikimedians to ensure proper licensing and permissions of Wiki Loves Monuments photos to be shared on social media. Using WLM as a case study, Aubrie will show how she has worked to apply social media best practices while showcasing the community's best photography on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

In August, Aubrie and other social media staff visited Pinterest to discuss posting public domain imagery, including contest entries. She will explain major opportunities for Wikimedia movement photographers and art lovers on social networks, demo how we use our verified account to pin public domain art, and explain how we would like to share this account with guest editors as we have done with several projects already.

Sam Lien provides a relevant counterpoint to the social media work of her teammate. As a Senior Associate on the Foundation Communications team, Sam works primarily with public relations, press pitches, and blog posts. Her work with affiliates on projects such as WLM involves telling compelling stories about our movement with the press and public.

Sam has also worked with community members on communications support for projects like Wikipedia 15 and initiatives aimed addressing the gender gap and harassment on the sites. Sam will discuss the extra layers of collaboration, preparation, and communications needed to identify compelling stories for journalists, craft a pitch, prepare for media interviews, and how to follow-up to address any questions or issues.

Length of presentation
30 - 45 minutes
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Preferred room size
25 - 50
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