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Wikimania's Yellow Army: Behind the scenes



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Andrés "Andy" Cruz y Corro

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Wikimedia Mexico


Slides available here Wikimania 2015 was done largely because of its unique group of volunteers, dubbed informally as "The Yellow Army" due to our bright-colored shirts. As Head of Volunteers, my role was to recruit, train and organize a group of very different people, with equally different skillsets, interests and even ways of working. In hindsight it was a success, but not everything went according to plan, and there are lessons to be learned. This is my point of view as an organizer, as a volunteer, as a coordinator and as a Wikimedian.

In this presentation, I wish to explain some of the internal workings of this unique group, what went well, what could have been better and what we, as a community, can learn from this amazing group. Hopefully, this discussion will help future events and organizations within Wikimedia.

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