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Cascadia Wikimedians User Group
Roundtable discussion with US affiliate board members, US affiliate officers, and community members regarding goals and design for a US Wikimedians national website.
Discussion topics:
  • What are the benefits of having a dedicated website? What we want to achieve with the site?
  • What kinds of externally focused campaigns and activities do we want the website to support?
  • Should we have a public calendar on the site using Google Calendar, or another calendaring solution? (There has been discussion for years about having an option of a MediaWiki-based calendar, but this task is stalled.)
  • Should we have a blog like WMF does and other affiliates do? If so, who will manage the blog?
  • Look at sites of other affiliates such as,, and to consider what design elements we might like to borrow
  • What color scheme should we use? The Wikimedia logo colors are red, green and blue by default. Should we use those, or go for red, blue and white? Or a different scheme?
  • What kinds of internal communications do we want the website to support, if any?
  • Note the higher risk of internal conflict
  • Insurance and liability issues and expenses. For example, what if there is an alleged copyright violation or libel?
  • What kind of terms of use or friendly space policy should we have?
  • Which US affiliate should own the domain, or should we create a dedicated organization for this purpose?
  • Who should be the webmaster? Should we ask for a WMF grant to contract someone to build the site, or is there enough volunteer capacity with the right skills?
  • How do we pay for domain hosting?
  • Who should have administrator roles?
  • Insurance matters specific to online content
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60 minutes preferred, but can be 45 or 30 minutes if necessary
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  1. Smallbones alt (talk) 15:26, 1 August 2016 (EDT) could be very interesting
  2. Montanabw (talk) 20:31, 4 August 2016 (EDT) I like the idea of a national group.
  3. Jlwarner (talk) 02:12, 30 August 2016 (EDT)
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