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Wikipedia Cuba: Challenges and Opportunities
Academic Peer Review option
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Anne Nelson
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Columbia School of International and Public Affairs
Last spring I led a graduate research project to survey the digital landscape in Cuba. It resulted in a Wikischolars site published online by e Columbia University, as well as in a report by the National Endowment for Democracy The findings suggest a ripe opportunity for engagement with the Wikipedia community. Cubans have lived with many online restrictions based on censorship and antiquated infrastructure. The government has blocked various international sites in the past and tried to follow the Chinese model of parallel domestic clones. (Cuba's domestic version of Wikipedia, for example, is EcuRed, built on MediaWiki software and heavily weighted towards pro-government content.) But the landscape is changing rapidly, thanks to Obama's diplomatic initiatives, Google's technological forays, and Cuba's own vibrant hacker culture. This talk will describe the Cuban online community and its user behavior, and discuss how its unique characteristics will influence the future of Wikipedia content creation in Cuba.

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20-30 minutes
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No, and I will need funding.

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