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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2017.

A Macro-Micro Biological Tour of Wikidata
Theme (optional)
Infrastructure (Wikidata Ontology and Event Representation), GLAM (Historical information), Advocacy (Developing more complete and consistent historical information), Outreach (Wiki Loves History)
Type of submission
Sam Smith
E-mail address
SammyWiki on Wikimedia, MiSam in WMNA registration
DataSmith, LLC
Sam likes history, and Oliver (Dr. Yongquhn He, University of Michigan Medical Research Center) is a specialist in both bacteriology and bioinformatics ontologies. In this “Macro-Micro Biological Tour of Wikidata,” they ask “to what degree can Wikidata be used to research these two fields (Human history and microbiology), with consistency and completeness?” Is the underlying ontology robust enough to encompass both the Macro (human) and microbiological realms, and is the data complete and accurate enough to support analysis? If not, what is needed? This presentation will describe their findings in assessing human and bacteriological history from 1750 to 1950, primarily in Germany, France and England, and how effective Wikidata could be in supporting this effort. Dr. He has proposed a “OneNet” theory to integrate factors affecting bacteriology research that also apply to human research, so the underlying theme of information integration permeates this endeavor.
Length of presentation
30 min.
Special requests
Laptop LCD Projector
Preferred room size
10 - 20
Wikimania submission?
Yes, not accepted
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