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Birth of Bias: implicit bias’ permanence on Wikipedia
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Jackie Koerner, PhD
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Visiting Scholar with San Francisco State University and the Wiki Education Foundation
Implicit bias is a problem for Wikipedia. Implicit bias affects us all, and we don't even recognize it. It can't be changed, but something can be done. Come learn how to become aware of your implicit bias, and how you can make progress toward changing the unchangeable.
Humans are imperfect tools, but we are using them to create an encyclopedia. Being a contributor to Wikipedia requires editing responsibly, thinking about the whole movement, and considering the stakeholders: fellow contributors, the community, readers, and knowledge. Identifying the bias through which one views the world is challenging for every person, but a crucial act for contributors. Contributors encounter cultures, traditions, and social norms different than their own. This is where bias shows up. Implicit biases are always there, creeping into our work. In this session, learn how to connect with implicit bias and discuss the impact of implicit bias on Wikipedia.
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