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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2017.

Building MediaWiki software to enforce Page & Topic bans
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Trevor Bolliger & Sydney Poore
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User:TBolliger // meta:User:TBolliger_(WMF)
Wikimedia Foundation employees, members of the Anti-Harassment Tools team (read about us on meta!)
The WMF's Anti-Harassment Tools team is exploring ways to empower admins to moderate problematic users without resorting to an entire site ban or block. English Wikipedia (and many other wikis) have organized communities policies around page and topic bans, which are formal prohibitions assigned to problematic users, prohibiting them from editing a specific page or collection of pages.

These bans are socially enforced and are easy to skirt. We are exploring the idea of building software inside MediaWiki to actually enforce these bans and need user input to help guide our feature designs!

Length of presentation
50 min workshop (flexible)
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None at this time
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25 or 50
Wikimania submission?
No, but we are presenting other topics at Wikimania
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