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Language and Cultural Heritage on Wikipedia
Theme (optional)
GLAM & Education
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Alice Backer and Sherry Antoine
E-mail address
Aliceba, Shanluan
Wikimedia NYC, AfroCROWD
This presentation will focus on Wikipedia as a way to preserve cultural heritage and language among diverse communities.

The main presenter, Alice Backer, is the founder of AfroCROWD and the 2017 recipient of New York Afro-Latino Festival Cultural Heritage Preservation award for her work with AfroCROWD and Wikipedia. She is also a popular Haitian blogger and linguist. Currently there are 295 languages editions on Wikipedia, and AfroCROWD is finding new ways to reach the diverse linguistic communities of color / African descent in the community. Participants will hear about the importance of language on Wikipedia and how it can help in historic preservation, community and connection among the many cultures that identify with its many languages and dialects.

Length of presentation
15-20 min.
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computer, projector, screen, wi-fi if possible
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