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Wikimedia and Education: Linking these two with technology
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Katja Ullrich & Christina Rupprecht (both WMDE)
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Katja Ullrich (WMDE) & Christina Rupprecht (WMDE)
Wikimedia Deutschland
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In 2016, Wikimedia Deutschland released the Attribution Generator to help correctly attribute pictures from Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons to use in various contexts. One context in which it is being increasingly used – but still has a lot of potential – in the field of education. Teachers who are creating their own worksheets or presentations often use pictures to illustrate their learning materials.

Using the Attribution Generator as an example, we would like to explore with you how technology and tools can support users when incorporating open content into their own (educational) materials. We are especially concerned with how content of the Wikimedia projects can be more easily re-used when creating open educational materials (Open Educational Resources). What kind of tools do we need as a Wikimedia movement to support educators in using Wikimedia content? How can we facilitate as best as possible the usage of free content?

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