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This submission is waitlisted for WikiConference North America 2018. It was not scheduled in the first round of scheduling, but may still be scheduled after further review, as slots open up, or as a pre-conference session.

Building a Better Harassment Reporting System
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Harassment, Civility, & Safety
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Trevor Bolliger, WMF Product Manager
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Anti-Harassment Tools team, Wikimedia Foundation
When harassment or abuse happens between Wikimedians, users can report the misconduct to wiki leadership (other experienced users, administrators, and in extreme cases stewards or Wikimedia Foundation staff) in a variety of ways: on wiki talk pages, via email, or via IRC or another off-wiki communication channel. Most wikis have established noticeboards to report cases that require attention or suggested email lists for sensitive reports that require privacy.
The Wikimedia Foundation's Anti-Harassment Tools team is currently performing research to better understand these existing systems to identify any pain points or shortcomings that we can address with improved software. Our goal is to provide a reporting system for Wikimedia communities that puts less stress on users who are submitting the reports while simultaneously generating higher-quality reports.
Community input and feedback will be essential for the success of our work. At Wikiconference North America 2018, we will share an update on our research as well as some proposals for tools we will build.
Attendees should hopefully leave with a better understanding of how different users and communities report harassment, ideally with some inspiration on how to improve the processes on their home communities. Attendees should also have a better understanding of the Anti-Harassment Tools team’s plans for how forthcoming software could improve these policies and workflows.
Our project page can be found at
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60 minutes
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Tables so participants to write on notebooks or worksheets, if available.
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Yes, we presented a similar topic in Cape Town at Wikimania 2018.
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Probably not.

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