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Due to limited space, WikiConference North America 2018 unfortunately could not accommodate this submission in its program this year.
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Bystander Intervention Workshop


Relationship Building & Support / Editor Recruitment & Retention / Inclusion & Diversity / Harassment, Civility, & Safety

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flarf22 and friends

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We are real life Wikibuddies who like to hang out at editathons.


A healthy, happy community has members who look out for each other! Come learn about "bystander intervention," a type of training program being implemented by many college campuses, especially in Ohio, which is helping students work together to prevent harassment and assault. We'll have a brief presentation, question and answer, and try some role playing exercises together to see how bystander intervention techniques work with small groups.

Your presenters are familiar with the history of how some of the hot-button issues in student life has traditionally been handled in Ohio-- and we are excited to see the new developments in bystander intervention at many institutions of higher education throughout the state! We would especially like to invite guests and attendees with a background in academic administration, educational outreach, or the Wikipedia administrator community to participate with us, and share our experiences as to what works to keep the peace and maintain harmonious interactions within educational settings.

We are hopeful that as we get to know each other, and interact together, we will find ways to apply some of the insights provided by conflict resolution techniques used for young people in educational settings, and find ways to start bringing these insights into our volunteer work in the online space.

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30 minutes presentation, 30-45 minutes Q&A and group exercises.

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Ideally this group will be between 8-25 people

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This is designed as an on-site experience where attendees can speak freely-- an Etherpad/notepad summarizing the session may be provided.

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