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Changes of hot to upload GLAM and artwork files
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Tech & Tools, GLAM
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Jarek Tuszynski
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Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata

In last several years many of the Commons Infobox templates are being rewritten in Lua, to be able to automatically fetch missing data from linked Wikidata items. In last year, [1] infobox template was added to the list, which is used by almost 2 million files, many of them from GLAM institutions. As a result, the upload of new files using this template is vastly simplified: instead of previously recommended upload of artwork metadata to both Wikidata and to Commons (which were using very different formats), the current recommendation is upload all metadata to Wikidata and than link to it from Commons. Also as with previously rewritten templates (Creator, Institution, Authority control, etc.), the code helps with transfer of great volumes of metadata curated by Commons contributors in last two decades and stored in Commons infoboxes to Wikidata. This project, could also be seen as a precursor of Structured Data on Commons and how Commons metadata can be stored in wikibase format.

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This talk will be about ongoing work, I presented earlier stages of the work at:

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