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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2018.

CollaborationKit: the future of user groups and community coordination
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Tech & Tools
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Isarra Yos
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Structured discussions, organised community spaces, curated lists of pages, better user grouping and tracking of discussions and changes. These may sound scary to community members because they are phrases that can easily present with considerable historical baggage, and yet they are the past and future of Wikipedia's user interactions.

This should not be scary. We already have the patterns we need to develop truly effective social tools, from structured discussions to community hubs, laid out in the ways many projects already interact in wikitext: on talk pages, as WikiProjects. Let's explore the example of CollaborationKit, an extension created to facilitate WikiProjects in continuing to do exactly what they've always been doing, but with less overhead, and see how this project may yet be guided to be as effective as possible.

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15-30 min
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Wikiconference NA San Diego in 2016, as a presentation on WikiProject X and CollaborationKit specifically
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Sure, why not
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