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Pinoy Edit-a-Thon: 431 years of history
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San Diego Wikimedians User Group, City of San Diego Filipino American Employees' Association
In October 1587 the first Filipinos stepped foot in what is today the incorporated parts of the United States. Since the 18th Century, Filipinos have permanently settled within the incorporated parts of the United States, and make up a significant portion of the Asian American population. Between this submission and the date of the conference, I am seeking to purchase membership in Filipino American National Historical Society, and would like to host an edit-a-thon as a member of the community during the WikiConference. (little fact: Ohio is also home to one of the few Filipino Americans to have served in the United States Congress since it gained independence from the United States, Steve Austria) I am seeking to fly into Columbus on the 431st anniversary of the Morro Bay Landing, so having the event on that Thursday won't be possible. Also, depending on my financial situation as I fly in, I would be willing to pay for catering of lumpia for the event.
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