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Found in Translation: AfroCROWD+Wikitongues+LaGuardia Community College Translatathon Projects
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Sherry Antoine, Alice Backer, Ximena Gallardo C., Ann Matsuuchi, David Goodman, Pema Thinle Mahatana Khamba
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User:Shanluan, User:Aliceba, User:Doctoxgc, User:Mozucat, User: DGG, User:PemaTMK
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AfroCROWD & Wikimedia NYC chapter

AfroCROWD and the Wikimedia NYC chapter have long been pioneers in facilitating collaborative Wikipedia events such as this year’s “translatathon” that we plan to make the first of an ongoing annual series. The translatathon was hosted by the linguistically diverse LaGuardia Community College of the City University of New York (106 languages!), in Queens, New York, the most linguistically diverse borough in the United States (800 languages!) ( In this presentation, organizers from AfroCROWD, LaGuardia Community College, Wikitongues and Wikimedia NYC will share how we planned this 2-day event and what we learned from the challenges that emerged before, after and during it. In particular, we would like to share our experiences using the translation tool and ask for help from the larger Wikipedia community in helping make future translation efforts more effective. We recorded 84 participants, both in person and online, with a special team contributing from France. Reporters from the student newspaper at LaGuardia Community College interviewed participants, and provided a helpful write up here: "Wikipedia Translat-a-thon". AfroCROWD will also share how they organized a smaller, more advanced translatathon in June 2018 at Long Island University with the NSF-funded REU Site Intersection of Linguistics, Language, and Culture Program.

Event pages here: ;

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