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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2018.

Input/Output: A Simple Plan for Successful Outreach
Relationship Building & Support
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Elaine Rosa
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Indiana Historical Society

One of the biggest challenges for implementing successful outreach efforts, especially for those who have not done event planning and implementation before, is to develop a workable plan to help collaborators evaluate, implement, and evaluate an idea and its potential outcome. This is especially important when working with new collaborators who are unfamiliar with Wikimedia and how it works. How to we proceed and move forward? To be successful, you need to develop a simple planning map so that everyone involved will know were the project is headed.

As a long-time program planner for non-profit historical organization, the presenter has used several types of planning methods over the years, but keeping things simple works best. This hands-on workshop will guide Wikimedians through a simple, logical model for evaluating, planning, and implementing an idea, special program, or community event to build new collaborations and new partnerships with non-Wikimedians.

During the workshop, participants will use a simple logic model to guide the process forward and keep the collaboration on track. This includes identifying potential collaborators and resources to evaluating the potential outcomes of an idea. We’ll discuss the who, what, where, when, why, and how of collaborating with GLAMs and libraries, especially those not already involved in Wikipedia projects, and what is needed to make the partnership successful. The presenter, who has worked in a museum/historical archive for nearly twenty years, will share some insider tips and real-life experiences for working with non-profit organizations, as well as providing some simple planning tools and resources for getting started. Handouts, helpful links, and other resources will be provided. The workshop will also include a lively format for small group discussions, so be prepared to have some fun and become more confident that you have identified the necessary inputs and defined outputs for your idea.

Length of presentation
60-minute workshop
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AV display for PowerPoint slides; I'll bring an Apple MacBook
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No, its a new one.
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