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This submission is waitlisted for WikiConference North America 2018. It was not scheduled in the first round of scheduling, but may still be scheduled after further review, as slots open up, or as a pre-conference session.

What is a WikiJournal and how it can improve Wikipedia-faculty relations
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Inclusion & Diversity
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Other/Lightning talk
Rachel Helps
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Rachel Helps (BYU)
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Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University
Wikijournals are open-access peer-reviewed publications. There is no publication cost. Peer reviews are publicly visible. The journals are run by teams of volunteers. Currently there are three WikiJournals: the WikiJournal of Science, the WikiJournal of Medicine, and the WikiJournal of Humanities. WikiJournals publish encyclopedic review articles and the WikiJournal of Science and the WikiJournal of Medicine also publish original research. When a review article is published, journal editors update Wikipedia with the improved version. This improved version is like any other Wikipedia update, and other editors may still edit the page after it is "published" to Wikipedia. The Wikipedia page has a link to the version of the page that was published in the WikiJournal.
University professors are familiar with the process of reviewing and publishing articles in journals. Asking them to review a submission to a WikiJournal is an accessible way for them to contribute their expertise to Wikipedia. In turn, their expertise is made more accessible through Wikipedia, which is more popular than any academic journal. If contributors to the journal work in academia, they can list their publication on their CV to add to their list of publications. I am on the board of the WikiJournal of Humanities, which is new and working to establish itself. I will encourage attendees to submit their own FA-level pages to the journal.
Length of presentation
5 minutes
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projector for slides
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10-20 people
Have you presented on this topic previously? If yes, where/when?
No, but others have presented on the same topic. Dr. Diptanshu Das presented at OpenCon 2016, WikiConference India, and Wikimania 2018. Dr. Thomas Shafee presented on the topic in 2016.
If you will be incorporating a slidedeck during your presentation, do you agree to upload it to Commons before your session, with a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license, including suitable attribution in the slidedeck for any images used?
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