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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2018.

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Movement Strategy
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Presentation, Workshop
Nicole Ebber, Jodi McMurray
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Nicole Ebber (WMDE), JMcMurray (WMF)
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Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimedia Foundation

How will the Wikimedia movement's structures need to evolve and change for us all to successfully move in our strategic direction and become the essential infrastructure in the ecosystem of free knowledge?

In November, the Movement Strategy Process will enter the phase of defining the scope for each of the nine Thematic Areas. The nine Working Groups will map the present situation of their respective area, including the obstacles and opportunities, as well as changes needed for the movement to advance in our Strategic Direction. They will identify possible strategies for making these changes and develop concrete recommendations for the movement on how to ratify and implement them.

Nicole Ebber and Jodi McMurray (from the Movement Strategy Core team) will provide interested participants with an update of the process, present ways to contribute and engage, and invite Working Group members to also address the audience and report back from the work these groups are doing.

Aside from this short presentation, we would like to use the opportunity to consult with participants on topics and questions that will have surfaced in October. We will invite participants to help co-create the next steps and questions of the process, and collect people’s insights and needs as we move forward.

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60 min.
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Wikimania, Wikimedia Conference, regional events
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