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100 Caribbean Leaders on Wikidata: Launching WikiCari's newest project


Saturday Longer Sessions

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Caribbean leaders (including public servants, activists, labour leaders, and scientists) are under-represented on Wikidata and Wikipedia. Join Wikimedians of the Caribbean and AfroCROWD as we launch a project to add new Wikidata items for 100 Caribbean leaders as the first step in a new project to add 10,000 Caribbean people to Wikidata. The presentation will consist of a panel discussion featuring Sherry Antoine and Ian Ramjohn of WikiCari.

We will discuss the current level of (under)representation of Caribbean people on Wikidata, and the importance of representation as a crucial knowledge equity goal.

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Ian Ramjohn, Sherry Antoine

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Guettarda/Ian (Wiki Ed); Shanluan

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Wikimedians of the Caribbean

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30-45 minutes

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