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A Woman of the Century


Integration between projects

Type of session:

Saturday Longer Session


According to Wikipedia, A Woman of the Century: Fourteen Hundred Seventy Biographical Sketches, Accompanied by Portraits of Leading American Women, in all Walks of Life (1893) is a compendium of biographical sketches of American women born in the 19th-century. For years, editors have worked on various components (creating Wikipedia articles; uploading the women's images to Wikimedia Commons; adding Property:P1343 to the Wikidata item) associated with the entries in this book, but there is no coordinated "project" across sister projects (WikiSource, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikipedia). As I've created many of these women's biographies on EN-WP, I've come to see a need for coordination to fill gaps. In my session, 'll articulate the state of "A Woman of the Century" in each sister project, and then make a call to action for coordination. Some useful links:

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Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight

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Women in Red

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If accepted as a presentation: 15 minutes. If accepted as a Lightning Talk: 8 minutes.

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