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Discussion of future of North American Wikimedia affiliates


Saturday Longer Sessions

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Following from Friday's proposed short talk on Submissions:2022/Future of North American Wikimedia affiliates -- discuss how the affiliates might work together and presumably envision a joint Hub pilot project.

We can draw from recent efforts:

  • We in North America might imitate the Central and Eastern European area proposal for a CEE Hub. They face more complicated problems than North America does, so we could simplify it. (Sources: meta:Wikimedia CEE Hub, meta:Grants:Project/MSIG/Building_a_CEE_Hub)
  • Draw from WMNY's 2022 strategic planning effort, announced at their annual meeting.
  • Get input from the new director-general of WM Canada
  • WMF has annual and strategic plans: [1]

Big issues include:

  • Scope and domain: US? Also Mexico, Caribbean, and/or Canada? US-only is easier but less visionary and interesting
  • Visionary agenda for a pilot hub: There have been a number of suggestions. Support our existing types of editathons? Larger scale national/international GLAM partnerships? Support development of GLAM-relevant software tools? Lead development of WikiCite efforts? Coordinate more across borders and languages in our region? And/or focus on administration: budgets, long term planning, staff support.

Academic Peer Review option:

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Peter B Meyer

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Wikimedia DC

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30-60 mins

Special requests:

Schedule for Sunday, for the very special Wikimedians who care about chapters and user groups ("Wikimedia affiliate" organizations)

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