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This submission has been accepted for WikiConference North America 2022.


Wiki99 and the global canon


Saturday Longer Sessions

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Wiki99 as the canon for global discourse presents

  • Wiki99, a project to encourage Wikipedia translation
  • Module:Wiki99, the Wikidata tool which supports the project
  • the concept of the global canon, which Wiki99 produces

Wiki99 identifies the 99 most important topics for a broad subject and stages those topics so that humans and Wikimedia tools can more easily review and development them can more easily develop them. A consequence of this project is the establishment of a global canon of essential information which everyone in a field, regardless of geography, culture, or language, must know.

After briefly presenting the technology, we discuss the social and ethical issues which arise from the establishment of canonical lists. Keeping with the theme of the conference, we propose the establishment of Wiki99 projects as a way to invoke meta:Cunningham's Law to recruit open knowledge allies to correct the global canonical lists.

To ensure that everyone in the world has access to basic information on LGBT studies, meta:Wiki99/LGBT+ asserts that 3 of the 99 essential topics to translate are "LGBT", "sexual orientation", and "same-sex marriage".

Thanks Verdy p for Wiki99 Module development!

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Lane Rasberry

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School of Data Science at the University of Virginia

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15-30 minutes

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