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WikiCred 2022 Grant Cycle Overview


Friday Lightning Talk Day, Saturday Longer Sessions

Type of session:

Lightning Talk


The WikiCredibility Grants Initiative (WikiCred), a project of Hacks/Hackers, is pleased to announce the launch of its 2022-2023 grant cycle. Applicants are invited to submit proposals seeking funding for tools, projects, initiatives, or events that explore ways to improve the credibility of Wikimedia projects. Wikimedia DC is assisting with the administration of this grant program.

Applications are welcome via WikiCred’s Meta page through November 28, 2022. All are welcome to apply regardless of geographical location. Grant awards will range from $1,000 to $10,000. This year, WikiCred is particularly interested in supporting the development of Wikimedia tools, projects or initiatives that will benefit underserved communities or improve content related to timely topics such as, but not limited to, reproductive health care and election misinformation. WikiCred also welcomes applications seeking funds needed to facilitate Wiki meetups or gatherings. Sample attendees may include journalists, librarians, editors, teachers, media literacy groups or NGO’s.

Applicants should expand on the ideas, themes, and work of past WikiCred projects. In short, applicants should think about how their tools, initiatives or events can generate momentum for themes and ideas behind 2020’s slate of successfully funded WikiCred projects.

Once applications are submitted using WikiCred’s dedicated Meta page, applicants will be invited to present their ideas virtually to the grant review panel and fellow applicants. The panel, which consists of experienced and active Wikimedians, will review and score applications. Awards will be announced in December of 2022 and funds will be disbursed by May 31, 2022.

During this lightning talk, Ariel Cetrone of Wikimedia DC will discuss the application process and review how new applicants can align projects with the themes of previous ones. The session will also include a Q&A for potential applicants.

WikiCred's full CFP is available on Meta.

Funding for WikiCred is provided by the Wikimedia Foundation and Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

Academic Peer Review option:

Author name:

Ariel Cetrone

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Ariel Cetrone (WMDC)

Affiliated organization(s):

Wikimedia DC, Hacks/Hackers

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Special requests:

Have you presented on this topic previously? If yes, where/when?:

Yes. Truth and Trust Online Conference 2022

If your submission is not accepted, would you be open to presenting your topic in another part of the program? (e.g. lightning talk or unconference session)