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Working together with Debian


Saturday Longer Sessions

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Debian is a community-based free operating system built on top of Linux. All the Wikimedia wikis run on servers that use Debian for its technical excellence and shared values. In the spirit of recognizing "open knowledge allies", I'd like to shine a light on a project that contributes significantly to the Wikimedia technical infrastructure but receives very little recognition for doing so.

In this presentation, I will give a bit of background on the Debian project and examine similarities between Debian and Wikipedia (for example, both have a flat leadership structure that favors consensus building and do-ocracy). Then I'll talk about how the Wikimedia technical infrastructure uses Debian and what we gain from doing so. We'll finish by examining contribution and cross-pollination opportunities that exist from having Wikimedians contribute to Debian and vice-versa.

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Kunal Mehta (Legoktm)

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30 minutes

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