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This submission has been noted and is pending review for WikiConference North America 2024.


Averting Ozymandias's FA: Techniques for preventing article quality decline

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Lecture (15-30 min)

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Wild Ideas


A stroll through the articles that Wikipedia at one point considered its best reveals a disconcerting wasteland: Many were the work of now-retired editors, have not been maintained, and have either already lost their featured status or ought to. Nearly two thirds of the dated featured articles on English Wikipedia that have been reviewed so far as part of an ongoing initiative have been delisted. Given this, what can we do to ensure that today's quality content avoids the same fate?

This talk will examine the phenomenon of article quality decline and explore various proactive mitigation strategies. A featured article authored primarily by the presenter, on a higher education institution, will be used as a case study.

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30 minutes

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The talk will use a slide presentation. I expect the primary audience to be active online English Wikipedia editors, so would prefer (if possible) a time slot that does not conflict too badly with other sessions likely of interest to that group.