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Beyond Wikipedia: Open Educational Practices across Wikimedia Projects

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Community Engagement, Partnerships, Research


With over a decade of work in education with Wikipedia, as well as dozens of studies on the efficacy of Wikipedia as an Open Education Practice (OEP) (Azar, 2023; Choi & Shetty, 2022; Cummings, 2009; Hood, 2007; Konieczny, 2012, 2023; Kuhne & Creel, 2012; McKenzie et al., 2018; McDowell & Vetter, 2021; Patch, 2010; Reilly, 2011; Roth et al., 2013; Vetter et al., 2019), this session turns to expanding OEP in other Wikimedia projects. This workshop will explore the crossroads and connections that bring together this robust utilization of Wikipedia as OEP to Wikipedia’s sister projects.

While there has been some work on Wikidata and education (Sigalov, 2023), and some exercises that utilize Wikimedia Commons, there has been little or no work with Wikisource, or other Wikimedia projects. The workshop leaders, Dr. Zachary McDowell and Dr. Matthew Vetter, will present some brief examples from their upcoming book “Wikipedia and Beyond: Open Education for an Equitable Future” to discuss and garner feedback and suggestions from educators and Wikimedia community members.

This workshop will consist of a brief presentation (5-10 minutes) about current OEPs for Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikisource, followed by a group breakout to share and document educational practices for these sister projects. These will be shared with and discussed in the group in regard to practices, context, and outcomes.

Additionally, this workshop hopes to encourage additional research in these areas, and, along with collaboratively discussing these open practices, this workshop will identify areas of research opportunity to test these practices.

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Matthew Vetter & Zachary McDowell

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Matthewvetter, ZachMcDowell

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Indiana Unviersity of Pennsylvania, Univeristy of Illinois Chicago

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60-75 minutes

Okay to livestream?

Livestreaming is okay

Previously presented?

Not specifically on developing OEP for sister projects but extensively for Wikipedia-based educaiton

Special requests:

Matt will be submitting another proposal, so just be on the lookout for time conflicts with that one.