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This submission has been noted and is pending review for WikiConference North America 2024.


Community Cross overs: Dig-it-all (digital everything how can we connect)?

Type of session:

Round Table

Session theme(s):

Community Engagement, Open Data, Partnerships, Reliable Sources, Technology, Wild Ideas


Many vibrant Wikiprojects center around digital art, literature, games, humanities, etc. We often have the same issues of notability and obsolesence that are not covered well within the more traditional confines. Often, these fields have references from wordpresses or blogs and notable contributions are not cited in traditionally notable sources. Seminal and important works can become obsolete quickly so that many modern readers can not explore them. Yet information about these digital antecedents is vital to Wikipedia. Let's get together and brainstorm ways we can cross over and help each other develop databases, notable source rules, etc. to ensure that notable and important concepts, works, actors, etc. in the digital arts and humanities are included in Wikipedia.

Issues include:

  • Automatic denial of sources from Huggle and other bots
  • Notability and databases are different from traditional venues

Author name(s):

Deena Larsen

Wikimedia username(s):


E-mail address:

Affiliated organization(s):

Electronic Literature Wikiproject, Women Electronic Literature Writers task force

Able to attend without scholarship?


Estimated length of session

60 minutes

Okay to livestream?

Livestreaming is okay

Previously presented?

No, but we did a workshop for Electronic Literature last year.

Special requests:

I will need a quieter room for my sound issues. And a captioning system would help on the livestream.