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This submission has been noted and is pending review for WikiConference North America 2024.


State of Language Technology and Onboarding at Wikimedia

Type of session:

Indepth Session (30-60 min)

Session theme(s):

Community Engagement, Research, Technology


In this session, we will focus on two aspects of language at Wikimedia: language technology and language onboarding. We will begin with an overview of language representation across Wikimedia projects. We'll then take a bird's eye view of the language tools that support Wikimedia sites on both web and mobile platforms. These tools, such as Content/Section Translation, MinT, LanguageConverter, play a crucial role in helping editors work more efficiently by facilitating internationalization and localization efforts. Furthermore, we'll provide insights into how various language editions are utilizing these tools to enhance their content and engagement within their respective communities. It will be a sneak peek into the innovative ways in which these tools are being leveraged across Wikimedia projects.

Following this overview of language tools, we'll delve into the current status and the future direction of languages onboarding at Wikimedia. We'll share the latest updates and research findings related to Incubator and other test projects, and then engage in a collaborative brainstorming session to generate recommendations for enhancing the language onboarding experience.

This session will be led by a group of us who are involved in the Language team's work at WMF, along with volunteer contributors. Whether you're a seasoned editor or new to Wikimedia, come join us as we explore the exciting world of language tools and discuss ways to make language onboarding even better!

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Srishti Sethi, Amir Aaharoni, Mary Munyoki, Caroline Myrick, C. Scott Ananian

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Wikimedia Foundation

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60 minutes

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I will present in-person

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Livestreaming is okay

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Accepted for Wikimania 2024

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