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This submission has been noted and is pending review for WikiConference North America 2024.


The Roads Fork and What Lies Ahead

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Community Engagement, Community Health, Partnerships, Reliable Sources


Last year, the U.S. Roads WikiProject, a long-time part of the English Wikipedia community, announced the creation of "AARoads Wiki", a fork focused on highways around the world. While several news articles have been written about the fork's origins in debates over notability and sourcing, the full story is more complicated and also reveals some of the current and future troubles that lie ahead for the Wikimedia movement.

This session would primarily be a panel with several senior roads editors who joined the fork, and others who have stayed behind on the English Wikipedia. A slide presentation may be included to present some findings and lessons learned while forking. This would be followed by an open Q&A session that will take up the bulk of the allotted time.

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Bruce Englehardt, Michael Gronseth

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SounderBruce, Imzadi1979

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30-45 minutes

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