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This submission has been noted and is pending review for WikiConference North America 2024.


Turning points in Wikipedia disputes: Research and discussion of resolution efforts

Type of session:

Lecture (15-30 min)

Session theme(s):

Community Health, Research


What have scholars learned about editing disputes on Wikipedia and how do they understand (conceptually) these disputes? What kinds of dispute resolution efforts are effective?

The presentation will offer a brief history of WP dispute resolution and summarize recent academic research on WP disputes. Cases will be drawn from academic studies and from the presenter’s take on edit disputes over Israel-Palestine topics. (The plan is to invite a few scholars and veteran editors to elaborate on cases.) We will then discuss the effectiveness of resolution strategies, available to both individual editors and organized groups, and avenues for future research.

Update: In this presentation, we will focus on research about "crossroads" or turning points within WP dispute resolution efforts, though within the broader context of past and future crossroads in WikiMedia efforts to manage article disputes.

Note: Most of the covered research will center on English Wikipedia, though the lessons may apply more broadly to other Wikimedia projects. Update: Article about French Wikipedia (Freud, Shroud of Turin examples).

To view or improve the list of academic studies to be summarized, see:

Author name(s):

Hillel Gray

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Grayhc @

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Estimated length of session

30 minutes

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Livestreaming is okay

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Special requests:

Due to Jewish holy days, I would need to present on Sunday after 10am. I would use slides and may need technical guidance if there are requirements for the livestream. Also, I have considerable earlier experience through an alternative account.