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What's new with Wikimedia Cloud Services

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Indepth Session (30-60 min)

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Wikimedia Cloud Services (WMCS) is a project maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation in collaboration with technical volunteers which provides an environment for building, testing, and operating tools that help the Wikimedia communities maintain and grow their content projects.

Many new features and services have been added to WMCS in the last couple of years. Toolforge especially has seen many changes as the admin team there worked to complete a multi-year project to replace the aging early 2000's Grid Engine technology with more modern workflows built upon a Kubernetes cluster.

Come hear about the high level features of the WMCS platforms including Toolforge and learn more about how you can get involved as a user or administrator in the environment.

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Bryan Davis

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BDavis (WMF)

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Wikimedia Foundation

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I will present in-person

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Livestreaming is okay

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various Wikimedia and Wikimania hackathons 2017-2023

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